Astrology – How I got into it ?

My interest into astrology started when I started studying science in graduation and joined a computer institute. I challenged a person in my neighborhood who claimed to be a great astrologer in K.P Stellar astrology (Prof. K.S. Krishnamurti , image on the right) . I several attempts to prove him wrong were failures. I got interested to

understand it and then try to prove it wrong. He agreed as I promised to prepare software to make calculations more accurate and easy. He explained me how the horoscope is prepared using NASA’s ephemeris and the book with position of stars mentioned. I had to spend lot of time with scientific calculator and these books to prepare a simple chart as example. My whole idea of astrology and the way I simply used to ignore it without knowing about it changed. The more details I learnt about it, more I got interested in it. More examples with friends and relatives increased my confidence.


Experience in Astrology

By now I have hundreds of examples among the people I know and it has always kept the spark alive in me. And now the spark has grown to an extend that I want to expand it in the form of a web. Interesting thing to notice is dozens of people who always discussed with friends that they have no faith in astrology to show they have “modern thinking” actually secretly approached me to check about their girlfriends, boyfriends, spouses, kids, education, jobs and health.

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